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What is Consumer-Rx?

Established in January 2015, Consumer-RX is a specialized pharmacy product marketing company. We employ a new and unique approach to promoting optimal health and wellness in communities and the larger public by marketing perscription grade products and laboratory tests we strongly believe in.  

Our job is quite simple: we inform people of the products that are available to them under their current health plans, and help to access them.

Best of all, our specialized service comes at no additional cost to the customer.

We use Telemedicine – Which is an over the phone consult with a doctor rather than in person.

Think of us as your online healthcare advocates, helping you access and evaluate clinical care and products at any location, simply via your phone.

Our focus is on making each healthcare supply step more efficient and convenient for you.
Routine medical evaluations no longer require commuting and parking fees when a call or Skype® will suffice.

  • Virtual Electronic Records can be shared securely between medical professionals, reducing the need for the fax machine.
  • Prescriptions can be processed and overnighted by our US based associated compounding pharmacies within a 24 hour cycle.
  • We arrange for all parties to be billed directly, saving you time and convenience.

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